Operation Collaboration

Operation Collaboration

Early in 2012, the Otago Polyfest Board proposed a collaborative project between the Art and Design Schools at Otago Polytechnic to design and produce banners for the annual ‘Otago Early Childhood and Schools Maori and Pacific Island Festival’ known as Otago Polyfest.

The results were the large format digital paintings that became Te Moananui a Kiwa and were printed by students and graduates employed at the Otago Polytechnic commercial design studio newSplash.

A Fishy Tale

A Fishy Tale

Using film as a medium to communicate during the staff induction process for Toppano Holdings and Southern Cross Stevedores was a deliberate decision to address recognised literacy issues amongst casual staff. To give the film an added appeal, a more cinematic approach was taken. This involved tracking shots, timelapse, and attached cameras (up cranes and on forklift trucks).

The development of animated fish puppet called ‘Hoki’, who features as the reprehensive voice of Stevedores oceanic connection. ‘Hoki’ communicates beyond the safety message and is able to engage viewers in terms of popular culture and provides humour.

About Town

Working with Tourism Dunedin we created an app to facilitate travellers in and around Dunedin easily using a cross platform app for all smart devices. The app will be used by travellers in Dunedin, and be focused on using geo-location to provide content based on proximity.

The app is mobilised using the Blink Mobile Platform and has integrated with multiple data feeds including MenuMania, Tourism New Zealand Bookit and Eventfinder and also integrates social media. It also pulls content directly from the DunedinNZ.com website.

Static To Dynamic

OP Tools encapsulates power tools and augments them into an interactive and portable learning format delivering health and safety content dynamically and allows for In-App assessment. Rather than using static printed material to display the curriculum in the carpentry school at Otago Polytecnic, students are engaged with videos, images, audio and text with content defined by lecturers.

We have now developed OP Processes which expands on the framework of OP Tools. It allows other departments and schools to incorporate their content into their own customised app.

Colour Me Different

newSplash was chosen to develop and communicate One Systema’s brand story throughout their support material and brand collateral. This included the brand development, logo, technical dossier, packaging, stationery, wallpaper and brand placement for a promotional film; for ‘Pepa’ a nourishing, recycled and biodegradable alternative used in the hairdressing industry for colouring, effectively replacing tinfoil.

newSplash provided the visual ‘story telling’ and the communication expertise and additionally key printing knowledge for short run manufacture. This quicky enabled ‘commercial readiness’ and it is now ‘looking good’ to be embraced by an internationally renowned distributor of ‘responsible hairdressing product’.

Surfing The Net

CARA’s request seemed simple. Tell the world what we do, do it with style and personality plus and don’t make us look like a government department.

We soon discovered that Occupational Therapy was many things and generally not well understood by the public. So we developed a character, Bubbles the goldfish to tell the CARA story and she has become critical to communicating the CARA brand and she is carried through all mediums. www.carateam.co.nz

Going Digital And Saving Trees

Going Digital And Saving Trees

The OP Guide Marketing App makes great strategic and economic sense for Otago Polytechnic. This App is an up-to-the-minute current prospectus with a user friendly content management system... so no costly reprints. The App boosts Otago Polytechnic’s appeal to prospects by presenting programmes in a digital form and allows for the collection of information clearly and precisely.

The liaison team use the app to register prospects and increase efficency by eliminating manual input and human error when entering information via the old paper based system.

Looking Good Enough To Eat

Skin Indulgence wanted to take their business to the next level. Well established at many street and market stalls and with some gift stores they wanted to improve return business by establishing a web presence and make it easy for stockists and other customers to reorder.

We were inspired by the ‘natural goodness’ of these ‘cute’ hand crafted soaps and drew on the baking culture of the 1950s housewife. As a result we created a range of patterned papers for packaging, updated the logo, developed a catalogue and a website for these popular little guilt free treats. www.skinindulgence.co.nz

Sign Of The Times

Sign Of The Times

Our most sizable project to date... to develop a dynamic, sustainable and easily updated signage and wayfinding system for the entire campus. Key values and priorities were to be evident in the system and design, two of which are sustainability and honoring our Treaty of Waitangi partnership with Kai Tahu. Underlying all of Otago Polytechnic values are elements of innovation and experiential learning. With these guiding principles in mind, the environmental and wayfinding signage was developed, designed, and printed in our newSplash studio, with the mass manufacture of the framing and powder coating at a local engineering firm. Our signage design and system has developed a financially sustainable approach to our corporate wayfinding.

Making Connections

The purpose of the Career Cloud website is to link businesses to work-ready students and graduates from polytechnics throughout the country. That’s a lot of ground to cover. The challenge... to make it function well from a user perspective, keep it as automated as possible and make it beautiful, and memorable. We started with a name. When the designers got finished with creating a ‘personality’ our developers got started building the brochure pages and researching open source options. Then they got down and dirty starting with customising and coding like crazy. After a lot of blood, sweat, and a few choice words Career Cloud came to fruition. www.careercloud.ac.nz

Film And Motion Our Showreel

We’re lucky to have so much ‘fresh’ talent onboard with some pretty darn experienced pro’s to back them up! So whether you’re after an animation, advertisement or feature film, take a look at our stuff and if you like what you see, drop us a line, give us a call, or pop in. We’d love to see you and learn more about your business. Like we say, “it all starts with a conversation”.

Celebrating Our Culture

Celebrating Our Culture

Together with the project’s funders Ngai Tahu and the Dunedin City Council, Otago Polytechnic helped to realise this innovative high-tech outcome, on time.

Ngai Tahu artist Rachael Rakena was commissioned to make a new work for exhibition in Dunedin for the Rugby World Cup.

“Haka Peepshow is a celebration of the diversity of contemporary haka in Maori and broader New Zealand culture. In an era when the haka is frequently a commercial branding “.

Opening Doors

One of the key aspects of developing the OERu website was to make higher education accessible to everyone. There’s the convenience factor – accessing learning material on your own schedule, in your own time. Learners can be offered free learning opportunities and undergo affordable assessments that go towards real qualifications. We set about building a site that was mobile friendly and delivered a user friendly experience not only for the student but the Open Education Resource Universitas (OERu) administrators as well. Built using the robust, fast growing and New Zealand based content management system  ‘Silverstripe CMS’, the OERu website utilises a responsive layout to provide a seamless and simplistic UX experience across numerous devices worldwide.

Not Your Typical Conference

The purpose of the Food Design event is to encourage collaboration between industry-leading chefs, designers and food producers as well as design experts from different genres, artisan food producers and mixologists that will lead to high levels of innovation on public display.  So.... it was up to us to create a personality and style reflective of this food experience.

We decided on clean but non-pretentious style with a monochromatic colour scheme was chosen to reflect the surfaces commonly associated with commercial kitchens with a dash of colour where appropriate. Then taking advantage of open source file sharing site allowed to participants to submit applications for review by a panel of judges pre-event, critical for an event that is attracting off-shore participation and making the process as painless as possible. For this reason also the Food Design Conference features a responsive design so it views comfortably across all mobile devices.

We implemented ‘Silverstripe CMS’, (Content management system) to ensure management of the site is as seamless as possible for our client, making the end product deliver the information in a comfortable way for potential participants to engage without any IT headaches for our client.

Breaking New Ground

Solid Ground Engineering came to newSplash Studio requiring a brand name, logo, print collateral and website to help them stand out in a blooming marketplace. With services including building design, seismic validation and property development, the brand needed to visually convey its key strengths in these fields of work and feel trustworthy.

A contemporary style, strong geometric shapes and a simplistic typeface were used in the logo to reference the movement of buildings during seismic activity such as liquefaction. The new logo brings together strong geometric lines and shapes to visually represent Solid Ground’s core values. We then implemented in to reality at a whirlwind pace onto the communication material required so
Solid Ground could be recognised for the speciality services offered.



newSplash is a dynamic and creative team of young designers and developers (students and graduates) mentored by industry professionals with a commercial focus and real world deliveries. newSplash works with clients across the spectrum of design and IT disciplines, including front-end design and back-end development, all with a user-centred focus. We also create visual resources such as graphic design, photography, illustration, motion graphics and film. The team consists of two full time awesome app developers, an amazing project facilitator, a dedicated creative director/manager, as well as a diverse team of designers. Download our printable portfolio here

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